1 Man Arrested After Shooting Over Car Sale at Randolph, Mass.

Randolph police say two men who met on the OfferUp app got into an altercation in an apartment building parking lot

One man has been arrested after a shooting at an apartment complex in Randolph, Massachusetts.

Police say two men got into an argument over the price of a car and the altercation ended in gunfire.

The two had met over the OfferUp app, and according to Randolph police, the transaction was to take place at an apartment building parking lot on Route 28.

The buyer, identified by police as 25-year-old Erolw Pope-Foster of Andover, allegedly pulled out a revolver and fired twice at the seller during the argument.

Both shots missed the victim, a Woburn man, who had fallen to the ground during the altercation.

The victim then ran off to the Avon Fire Department for help.

Police arrived in the parking lot to try and arrest Pope-Foster.

“The police were surrounding him with their guns drawn,” said a woman who did not want to be identified. “And telling him to get on the ground.”

Police found the suspect hiding behind one of the buildings and took him into custody.

The gun was located under a truck.

“They just kept on coming closer,” said the woman, who took video of the incident and posted it to Snapchat. “They had a big shotgun, kept on coming closer to him, telling him to get down." 

Pope-Foster is facing charges including assault with intent to murder. It's unclear when he will appear in court.

The incident is under investigation.

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