PHOTOS: Bear Gets Stuck in Car in Canton and Destroys It

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Linda Morad said she was housesitting Friday night for a friend who was on vacation when she saw the lights of her car going off and she called 911. She did not see the culprit through the tinted glass and told police what she heard. Officers showed up in minutes.
Canton Police
When police opened the car door, this bear walked out. Them police warned Morad about the condition of her car. The dashboard, the leather seats, the trunk and the hatchback were all torn to pieces.
Canton Police
The bear had somehow gotten in through the unlocked driver’s side door of the vehicle and became frantic when the door closed.
So now, Morad is borrowing a car, locking the doors and waiting on the insurance adjuster.
Bears are becoming more common in Connecticut as the population grows, according to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and they urge people to take some precautions to avoid attracting bears. That includes keeping garbage cans in the garage.
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