Ben Carson's Campaign Makes a Last Stand in Iowa

Tucked in the slew of campaign mail shipped to voters hours before the Iowa caucuses, some voters will find a postcard that reads in red block-letters: "Polls Change, Integrity Doesn't." Underneath, a picture of a smiling Dr. Ben Carson, with more words: "Carson for President."

While the postcards aren't from the official campaign, they reflect the message from Carson's team in the final days before the caucuses — a milestone that will determine whether or not these are the final days of an improbable campaign, NBC News reported.

"We need to finish top four," Carson's Iowa state director Ryan Rhodes said to NBC News this week when asked how well Carson needs to do on Monday. "I think we're going to be in the top three, but I think it's necessary to be in the top four."

The latest Real Clear Politics polling average has Carson in fourth place in Iowa — a position he's held in most polls conducted since the start of December. However, the forth spot is a steep fall from where the candidate was in October, when he jumped to first place in the state and nationally.

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