Beneficial Rain On The Way

The drought in New England continues to worsen. Here is a list of the latest deficits:

-16.72” in Manchester, NH
-9.72” in Boston, MA
-9.37” Worcester, MA
-9.36” in Concord, NH
-8.81” in Hartford, CT

Since 2013, those deficits are around 20 inches across most of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire and southern Maine.

We have a little good news — the drought won’t worsen this week.

This time of year we average about 0.10” of rain per day — most areas could see around an inch of rain Sunday into Monday. That is enough rain to make up for the rest of the work week, when we’re expecting another dry stretch of weather to begin.

Here is how the rain will time out: Showers are possible in western New England overnight. Showers and thunderstorms will re-develop Sunday. I’m not expecting a washout, but there could be a few downpours. (With any breaks of sunshine Sunday, we could see a few strong thunderstorms — so if you are outside, keep an eye to the sky.) Sunday night, we will see another lull in the activity. Monday, a soaking rain is likely — starting in western New England during the morning and shifting into eastern New England during the afternoon.

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