Bobcat Sighting in Middletown

A bobcat sighting in Middletown earlier this week has some residents talking.

Jeremy Glazewksi was on a sales call on Timber Ridge Road when he saw a bobcat in the area.

He spotted the bobcat around 10 on Monday morning and took photos. He posted the photos on social media and the word spread-- including at the Stables at Westfield, which is located around the corner from where the bobcat was spotted.

“It’s nice that someone actually put that notification out there. We haven’t seen the bobcat. Our main concern is the safety of the horses and our people that are here on our property," said Dan Abbate, owner of the farm which houses about twenty horses.

Abbate said he has been keeping an extra eye on the horses.

“They may be a little bit spooked by it if anything but as long as I’m here," he said.

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) wildlife biologist, Chris Vann, said bobcats are seen more frequently during the summer months.

But it’s likely this one was spotted because bobcats’ mating season began in February.

“Bobcats tend to have a bigger range of mating periods. The males may be more active looking for mates so that looked like a big male," Vann said.

He said people should leash their pets while taking them out at night because that’s when bobcats are most active.

“I’m on the look out regardless, I don’t want anything surprising me! Believe me!" Middletown resident, Ann Riza, said.

DEEP has not received any complaints about the bobcat sighted in Middletown.

NBC Connecticut reached out to Middletown Animal Control. We have not heard back from them.

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