Community of Natick Holds Unity Rally Following Racially Motivated Incidents

Residents say they want to change the dialogue following two incidents in the community within the last week

The community of Natick, Massachusetts, came together Wednesday night in an effort to stand up to racism following recently motivated incidents.

Nearly 300 people gathered in the town square to celebrate unity at a rally.

Organizers said they were motivated to hold the event after two recent racially motivated incidents.

The residents who came out said they want to change the dialogue.

"(I want) to teach my children to stand up against bullying and hatred and racism," Said Susie Serreze, who brought her kids to the rally.

Earlier Wednesday, the principle of Natick High School reported that racial graffiti was recently found in a bathroom and targeted two minority teachers.

Last week, a Natick resident received three racially charged letters, one saying, "Natick has a zero tolerance for black people."

People who attended Wednesday's rally wanted to make it clear that this type of behavior will not come between them.

For more than an hour, rally goers got vehicles passing by to honk their horns in support.

"This is what really life is, what really Natick is," said Mary Beth Rettger, who helped organize the rally. "We need to stand up and show that so people think the cowards leaving anonymous letters are what's real. This is what’s real."

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