Couple Wanted in Georgia Found Living Lavishly in Connecticut

A husband and wife accused of dozens of identity thefts and an elaborate Ponzi scheme involving gold and diamonds have turned themselves in to police.

According to police in Georgia, 53-year-old Eliahu Shetrit and his 34-year-old wife, Ayelet Ellituv, have been living a life of luxury in Connecticut after running into trouble in Atlanta. Now, the pair faces dozens of charges, including being fugitives from justice. 

On Valentine's Day, a Connecticut judge advised the husband and wife they "better" get themselves to Georgia. On Wednesday, they turned themselves in.

Georgia authorities contacted Woodbridge police for help two weeks ago and the local officers found the couple living a lavish life that included renting a mansion owned by former Connecticut politician Alan Schlesinger. 

Neighbors had no clue the couple who moved in last July was wanted by police in Atlanta.

The husband and wife who were arrested two years ago and indicted earlier this month by a grand jury are accused of stealing dozens of identities and more than $1 million in money and jewelry.

"This is a classic con artist couple. This is the story of them going around and hurting people," Bobbi Livnat, a diamond dealer and one of the victims, said in the indictment. 

Livnat calls the couple former friends turned business partners.

She said Eliahu stole more than $200,000 worth of diamonds from her and promised to sell them but never gave her the cash.

Now that the couple is in custody, she hopes to be made whole again, but isn't counting on it.

"Hurting people financially, hurting people emotionally, it really messes with you, when your friend cons you," Bobbi Livnat said.

Police in Sandy Springs, Georgia first arrested the pair two years ago on some of the charges in this case, but the suspects were later released on bond.

Georgia authorities said the couple violated conditions of their release by not updating authorities on where they're living.

Last year, a reporter in Atlanta found the couple, parents of three young children, living in $1.4 million apartment in New York City.

It is also in New York where there's a civil judgment against Eli for $8 million owed to diamond dealers.

"I'd like to see them in jail. They should not be able to enjoy the luxuries of free people,” Livnat said.

The couple faced a Connecticut judge last week as fugitives from justice and was told they had 30 days to report to Georgia if they posted bond. 

Ayelet asked for house arrest so she could stay home with her baby girl.

Her counsel also expressed concern to the court for her 8-year-old son and his disabled older brother. According to a transcript of the hearing, the judge reprimanded Ayelet for not turning themselves in on their own, but granted them bond and ordered them to report to Georgia.

The couple did report to authorities in Georgia Wednesday.

Local police here in Connecticut said there are no known allegations against this couple in Connecticut.

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