CVS Pharmacy Tech Stole Oxycontin, Cancer Meds and Diet Pills: Police

A former pharmacy technician at a Naugatuck CVS is accused of stealing Oxycontin, as well as Tamoxifin and a diet drug and turned herself in to police over the weekend after a warrant was issued for her arrest. 

Lyndsay Wasilus, 29, of Naugatuck, was working at the drive-through of the CVS pharmacy at 108 Bridge Street Naugatuck in August when she stole pills while filling an order for a customer, according to police. 

Cameras recording the sale help police determine that Wasilus took the drugs, according to police.  

The customer Wasilus was serving at the drive-through didn’t need a prescription for the order, but was required to sign anyway, according to police, and Wasilus apparently didn’t realize the cameras were recording transaction.

Investigators were able to get the license plate of the customer from the video and tracked down the customer, who relayed thinking it was strange to be required to sign for something that did not need a prescription.  

The complaint was filed in August 2015 and Wasilus, who had been working at the pharmacy for around four months, was fired a few days later after the CVS store asset protection officer interviewed her and she admitted to stealing other drugs from the pharmacy, separately from this case, police said. 

Wasilus was initially accused of fraudulently obtained 30 Oxycontin tablets worth $108.99, but admitted to stealing 70 Oxycodone 30mg tablets valued at $143.99, police said.

She is also accused of stealing 20 Tamoxifin 20mg tablets valued at $159.00 on Aug. 21. Tamoxifin is a drug used to treat cancer patients and Wasilus told police her father has cancer, but police said the drug should not be difficult for cancer patients to obtain.   

Wasilus was also found with six phentermine pills in her lab coat when she was let go, police said. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant. 

Wasilus turned herself in on a warrant connected to the Aug. 15 complaint on Sunday.

She has been charged with sixth-degree larceny, possession of a controlled substance and obtaining drugs illegally in the most recent case and was previously charged with shoplifting and possession of a controlled substance. 

Wasilus pleaded not guilty to the prior charges and is due in court today for a hearing in that case. 

She was released on a $500 non-surety bond in connection with the current case and is due in court on March 2. 

A state of Connecticut web site says her license is inactive.

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