DMV Overspends on Overtime for Computer System Upgrade

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles went over budget by more than 30% for overtime payments associated with installing and training individuals on the new computer system that rolled out over the summer.

According to records obtained Thursday by NBC Connecticut, DMV has spent $823,000 on overtime related to the new computer system when only $600,000 was placed in the budget for such spending.

A spokesman for DMV said the extra costs will be absorbed by other parts of the DMV budget.

Wait times at DMV locations across Connecticut have become news stories over the past two months. In some cases, people are forced to wait longer than three hours.

"The long waits are unacceptable and we are working to address them through an analysis of various components" said Bill Seymour with DMV. "We are looking to isolate the triggers that are causing the long wait, and then will develop a comprehensive plan."

Tax collectors in Connecticut have faced their own issues with the new software. DMV officials conceded Thursday during a meeting of the state association of tax collectors the vendor selected for merging files for the new system didn't do a good job.

Gayle Murphy told tax collectors, “There were records missing from the database. The matching your old data, our new data. It didn’t go as well as we’d hoped.”

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