Fake Delivery Tags Left on Doors in Bristol

NBC Connecticut

Bristol police said a solar panel energy company is placing misleading fliers that look like package delivery notices on doors around town hoping residents will call their company.

The fliers are in the form of a sticky note that reads “Final Notice Please Call for Information.” The note provides a phone number and directs residents to call the number at certain times.

Bristol police said the fliers are a form of advertising and do not violate any town ordinance, but said residents should only to call the number if they are interested in the solar panels.

Meriden police warned of similar tags and called them a scam. That department warned the delivery tags could be a trick to get personal information or sell services by getting people to call the printed phone number. The state Department of Consumer Protection warned against calling the phone number.

If you want to a file a state consumer complaint, contact the Department of Consumer Protection by calling (860) 713-6100 or (800) 842-2649 or email.

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