Fire at Lawrence Elementary School Undetermined, Electrical Cause Likely

The estimated loss to the Bruce School is $300,000

The fire that ripped through part of an elementary school Monday morning in Lawrence, Massachusetts, has been undetermined but may have been due to an electrical problem, according to the state fire marshal.

The fire broke out in a second floor classroom of the Bruce School on Butler Street, prompting the evacuation of students.

No injuries were reported.

Fire officials said in the area where the fire started was a power strip that had several items plugged into it and plastic storage bins. Investigators believe that the fire was most likely a failure of the power strip or one of the items plugged into it.

However, because the plastic melted over the power strip from the heat of the fire, investigators said they can't fully determine that the issue was indeed the power strip.

Fire officials said therefore, the blaze will remain officially undetermined.

The estimated loss to the building is $300,000.

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