Firefighters Return Wedding Band Woman Inadvertently Donated to Fundraiser

Bonnie Murphy and Officer Angelo Fichera 1200
Tolland Fire Department

A woman who inadvertently donated her wedding band, along with her change, to the Tolland firefighters’ Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraiser has her ring back after some anxious moments.

Bonnie Murphy came upon the fundraiser at the Route 195-Rhodes Road intersection Saturday and emptied her coins into the boot to make a donation.

What she didn't realize at the time was that her wedding band was included with the change.

Murphy had taken the wedding band off because it was tight on the humid day and she put it in her purse for what she thought would be safekeeping. 

After realizing what she did, Murphy started calling fire departments to figure out which ones were collecting for the MDA.

As Murphy was calling around in the hopes of finding her ring, the fire department took to social media in an attempt to find out whose wedding ring they had.

"We found a wedding ring inside our boot from the MDA Fill the Boot. Please contact Public Safety Officer Fichera if you lost a ring today," the Facebook post said.

When Public Safety Officer Angelo Fichera received a voicemail from Murphy, he called her back immediately. She described the ring and the engraving and was extremely grateful and appreciative when she learned the fire department had her ring.

Firefighters then made arrangements and got the ring back to Murphy on Wednesday.

Firefighters raised $5,100 to fight muscular dystrophy through the fundraiser.

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