FIRST ALERT: Wintry Mix May Result in Messy Thursday Morning Commute

Snow will break out Wednesday evening from southwest to northeast, likely after the evening commute in Boston, before mixing with sleet and freezing rain

What to Know

  • Snow is expected to hit Boston after Wednesday's evening commute.
  • Expect an inch or two of snow in southern New England before it changes over to sleet and freezing rain.
  • Northern New England will see a few more inches of snow on top of that.

Our First Alert continues for Wednesday Night into Thursday morning as the next winter weather maker takes aim at New England.

Until then, however, the biggest weather factor has been the combination of wind and cold Tuesday, holding temperatures shy of 30 degrees but, more impactful, keeping wind chills no milder than 20 degrees at even the warmest time of the day.

As the wind quiets Tuesday night but the sky remains mostly clear, temperatures will fall to the single digits and teens, but the lack of clouds means a great view of the Supermoon - a full moon slightly larger and brighter than our average moon, sure to illuminate our snowscape brilliantly.

Clouds will gradually increase and thicken Wednesday as a stream of moisture over the Southeast U.S. gathers into a developing storm and moves toward New England. Snow breaks out Wednesday evening from southwest to northeast, likely after the evening commute for someplace like Boston, and an inch or two falls for most of Southern New England before mixing with sleet and freezing rain, then ending early Thursday morning.

Northern New England is more likely to see at least a few inches of snow, meaning most of New England sees some impact for Thursday’s early morning drive.

Later Thursday, breaks of sun and a shifting wind should boost temperatures into the 40s.

Expect the pattern of a storm every two to three days to continue through the exclusive First Alert 10-day, including Saturday night into Sunday and next Tuesday night into Wednesday.

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