Maria Sansone

‘For You When I'm Gone': 12 Essential Questions About Love and Life

A moving book by Rabbi Steve Leder on the importance of an ethical will.

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'Don't wait.' Rabbi Steve Leder sums up his newest book 'For You When I'm Gone' with those two words.

The book dives into the idea of an ethical will and how we can leave our loved ones with the truths of our lives rather than just the facts.

Rabbi Leder joined Maria Sansone for the latest episode of The Hub Today Presents Mom2Mom and says an ethical will comes down to 12 questions.

The questions help us pull back the curtain on who we really are and what we want our loved ones to take away from our lives.

He reminds us that it is never too early or too late to tell those we love how we feel.

Watch the episode above to learn the questions and how to answer them. Or, click on the QR code below to listen to the podcast version.

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