Fort Worth Man Celebrates 100th Birthday at Cowtown 5K

Ernie Lacroix turned 100 on Friday

The 41st annual Cowtown Marathon is taking place this weekend in Fort Worth, Texas.

"It's a great chance to showcase the city of Fort Worth, and a great chance for people to get out and get a little exercise," Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said.

Price said around 23,000 runners and 35,000 people total are here for the event.

On Saturday, runners ran a 10K, the adults 5K and the kids 5K.

One-hundred-year-old Ernie Lacroix participated in the 5K race.

"At my age, I'm not going to win anything. I just like to be out here doing it," he said.

Lacroix just turned 100 years old on Friday, and was joined by his family and friends at the Cowtown.

"It makes me realize how lucky I am. I have such a beautiful family and friends," he said.

Before the race, the crowd sang him "Happy Birthday" and Price also declared Feb. 23 as "Ernie Lacroix Day" in Fort Worth.

Lacroix has participated in the Cowtown races for about 20 years now, and he was happy to cross the finish line once again this year.

"Just making the trip makes the old man feel pretty good… by golly I did it again," he said.

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