‘Blood Everywhere’: Scituate Mom Attacked by Fox in Front of Her Two Kids

A fox attacked two women Thursday in Scituate, leaving one woman requiring stitches at the hospital

A Scituate, Massachusetts mom had to get stitched up Thursday night at the hospital after she was attacked by a fox outside her home on Oaken Bucket Road.

That mom spoke to NBC10 Boston on the phone from her hospital bed.

She says she just got her kids off the bus and was going to get her dog in the house when she saw the fox. She says she tried to scare it.

“The animal latched onto my foot, my ankle, and I ended up in the house with the animal on me. I was screaming. My two kids, are 5 and 8, are watching the whole thing,” she said.

She now has five lacerations to her foot and ankle, and a puncture in her right arm.

“I couldn’t get it off me, I’m pulling, I’m kicking I finally end up throwing it out the sliding door before I could shut the door it jumps back on me and latches onto my arm...I threw it over the railing, it bounced off our bulkhead and I ran back into the house screaming to call 911. I had blood everywhere.”

Thursday, police were actively looking for the fox.

It also attacked a woman as she was headed out for work at her home on Tack Factory Pond Road.

She only suffered a scratch, her husband said. She was able to throw coffee and her backpack at the fox.

Both women are getting rabies shots.

Thursday night, town officials also scooped up a dead animal in the middle of Old Oaken Bucket Road. A neighbor says “they got it.”

It’s unclear if that’s the animal that attacked the two women.

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