Gov. Chris Christie Doesn't Want to Share Ice Cream With Jimmy Fallon

"It's the greatest ice cream ever," the potential presidential hopeful said of Ben & Jerry's special "Tonight Dough" mix.

Chris Christie was coy about his presidential plans during his Wednesday visit to “The Tonight Show.” But the New Jersey governor did divulge a secret of sorts: His favorite dessert is ice cream.

Naturally, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the governor to “The Tonight Dough,” the official Ben & Jerry’s flavor of “Tonight.” So Christie carved out a spoonful — only to deftly spin away from Fallon with the carton of frozen deliciousness.

“You have to share!” Fallon protested, as Christie scooted away from the desk and onto another couch. “You have to share!”

Turning to the camera, Christie said: “It’s the greatest ice cream ever.”

Christie, who is in the midst of his out-of-state “Tell It Like It Is” town hall tour, ribbed Fallon about bearing the brunt of too many jokes on “Tonight.”

“I feel like I’m on the show every night,” the governor said. “I’m tired, man.”

“No, you’re great,” Fallon reassured him. “You look great.”

“If I look great, what the hell with all the jokes every night?” Christie shot back, laughing.

And while Fallon isn’t exactly known for his incisive political interviews (“I thought it was ‘Meet the Press!’” Christie joked), he did prod the Republican on his possible presidential plans.

“I wanna know: Are you running for president?” Fallon said.

“Well I have a day job, which keeps me busy,” Christie said. “But soon — May or June we’ll be letting everyone know what we decide.”

The normally outspoken Republican refrained, however, from commenting on the other candidates.

“If I run,” you’ll find out exactly what I think.”

Apparently, Christie doesn’t even spare his family members from that iconic brashness.

“My daughter Sarah is 19,” he said. “She said to me, ‘Whatever you do, don’t eat anything on the show.” Raising an ice-cream-laden spoon, Christie deadpanned, “For you, Sarah.”

Speaking of political good humor, Fallon also poked fun at the current president. In a segment called “Obama Expressions,” he featured photos of President Obama making awkward facial expressions, and then captioned them with phrases like “The Sup, Bae?” and “The Heeeeeyyyy.”

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