‘Happening Too Fast': Storm Ravages Maine Coast as Another Looms

The tides are tearing up parts of Southern Maine's coast, and there's little time to clean up the damage before another nor'easter hits this week.

"Everything is just happening too fast," said T.J. Jewett, a homeowner in Saco's Camp Ellis. "This next storm ... will be a direct hit. We're pretty nervous in the neighborhood about this one."

A nor'easter that hit the region Friday and Saturday brought several destructive high tide cycles, washing out roads and damaging homes in Camp Ellis.

"It has scoured the entire coastline of Saco Bay," said Jewett.

Saco's Public Works Director Patrick Fox estimates the storm damage is at least $500,000. He said there is not enough time to repair roads, but his department will bring sand back to the beaches to act as a barrier for the next storm.

"Hopefully this is a once in a lifetime, or once in a decade event," said David Plavin. His home facing the ocean in Camp Ellis was damaged, and the road leading to his home is destroyed.

"I figured it will take a couple months" to make the repairs, he said.

It's a similar scene in Wells, Maine, where several homes and rental properties were damaged by waves crashing on Webhanet Drive.

In York, the storm moved so much sand, it uncovered a shipwreck. It is believed to be from the Revolutionary War era.

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