Hotline Offered for Displaced Residents of High-Rise Apartment Complex

Fire officials have set up a hotline number for those who've been displaced by the high-rise blaze

For the 800 hundred residents displaced by the fire at the Hammond Pond Parkway apartment complex in Newton, Massachusetts, the aftermath has left many without a home.

Authorities have set up a hotline number, 617-796-1800, for any questions regarding the fire. A resident assistant center is now open at the firefighter headquarters located at 1164 Centre St. to help residents.

The blaze, which officals say began on the eighth floor of the South Building, broke out in a kitchen area before quickly growing into an inferno. The fire forced all 425 units of the building to be evacuated.

The building's sprinkler system assisted firefighters in containing the blaze until crews could knock them down. However, water from their hoses leaked into the electrical room and ultimately forced all 800 residents out of their homes.

Elderly residents were aided by the Red Cross on scene.

The three individuals who were hurt while being evacuated were taken to an area hospital with minor injuries.

Residents of the north tower were allowed back in, Newton officials announced Tuesday night.

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