Kitten Found in Sealed Cardboard Box Found Abandoned on Malden Street

The box the two-month-old kitten was found inside of only had two holes in it

A kitten was recently found in a sealed cardboard box along a busy street in Malden, Massachusetts, and now police and the Animal Rescue League of Boston are searching for the person who abandoned her.

The 2-month-old kitten was found Wednesday afternoon on Hawthorne Street. A driver with the MBTA's The Ride noticed a cardboard box and stopped, according to the ARL.

The box, which had two holes punched into the side, was sealed with packing tape. When the driver opened the box, the kitten was discovered inside.

Despite Wednesday being a humid day, ARL officials said the kitten did not suffer any heat-related medical issues and appears to be in good health.

The incident is being called "a clear case of animal cruelty and abandonment."

More than a handful of animals have been abandoned in just the last week, according to the ARL.

In Massachusetts, abandoning an animal is illegal and punishable by up to 7 years in prison. A $5,000 fine can also be imposed.

Anyone with information on the recent case of abandonment is urged to contact Malden Animal Control at 781-397-7171 x. 1302, or ARL Law Enforcement at 617-426-9170.

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