Local Lawmakers Have Different Takes on Border Crisis


Americans are clearly divided on how best to handle the complicated immigration crisis. And while many are shocked at the sights and sounds they've never seen before others say we are just shining a bright light on an imperfect system that’s long been in place and in desperate need of reform.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has joined the chorus of the outraged over what is happening on the nation's southern border, with blame put squarely on Donald Trump.

"This is all on the White House, this is an embarrassment. As a father, he's an embarrassment. If this was happening somewhere around the world, we would be criticizing them and stepping in."

"The policy is not Trump's fault. This is a lot that was put into place in 2008, signed by George Bush, enacted fully by Obama," said Republican State Committeeman Steve Aylward.

Aylward voted for Trump and supports his efforts to try to fix the immigration problem that has been festering in Congress for decades.

"The problem is, we are $20 trillion in debt. We can barely afford what we need for our own people," he said

Aylward says lawmakers on both sides are all eager to show outrage but don't do a thing.

"Be it Paul Ryan or Elizabeth Warren, or anybody else. Fix the problem."

Mayor Walsh, like many, feels there should at least be a minimum standard.

"There's no reason to separate the kids from their mothers and fathers. If you want to run them and process them through, keep the families together," said Walsh.

Aylward doesn't pretend to know the answer. He says that is what members of Congress are getting paid to do. And while he doesn’t like the idea of separating families. He feels the country needs to clamp down in a way it has been unwilling to do in recent years.

"This country has gotten away from doing the tough things and gotten to the point where everything is an emotional thing. Everything is for the children. But at some point, you wake up and you’re broke."

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