Man Hops Train, Forgets Baby in Car

The baby was found by police and is fine

A Massachusetts father said he and his family are "very relieved but still shook up" after he hopped a train into Boston Wednesday morning without realizing he had left his baby in a car parked outside the North Quincy station.

Quincy Police said the father was already on a train back to North Quincy when he called them to say he'd forgotten and left his 1-year-old baby in his SUV. Quincy Police contacted MBTA Transit Police, who dispatched two officers to find the baby.

The baby was found and is doing fine.

The family released a statement, asking that their names and personal information not be used. The father said the baby had fallen asleep in the child seat and he had been on "auto pilot."

"This morning we had a very close call," the statement said. "Like many parents, I have a very repetitive morning procedure that involves two day care drop offs and a Red Line ride. After dropping off my older child at school, I neglected to drop off my infant at the in-home daycare we use and she was left in the car at an MBTA train station in Quincy."

He added that while "this was one of the worst days of my life, I know that we were also very fortunate as it was a mild temperature day and I had come to my senses before too long."

The father thanked Quincy, MBTA Transit police, and responding EMTs for "taking good care of my little one while I rushed back. She is safe and happy today."

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