Man Making Signs for Patriots Super Bowl Pep Rally in Foxboro

With the Patriots Super Bowl bound again, Paul Farmer at Farmer Sign is at it again, coming up with clever signs to line the town common in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

It has become somewhat of a tradition for him and his family since they started doing it three years ago. The pride signs have become so popular that now, the pressure is on for Farmer to deliver.

"As soon as they won the playoff game, right away, we start brainstorming," Farmer said. "And everyone wants to know what the jokes are going to be."

NBC10 Boston got a first-hand look at what ideas are making the final cut this year. From putting his spin on the "Beat LA" slogan to poking fun at head coach Bill Belichick, he is hard at work printing them. He said the Rams references are coming.

"We're working on one with a goat versus a ram and we might get one with a Patriot riding a ram off into the sunset," Farmer said. "It seems like it's always an animal we have to reproduce, like last year, it was time to cook another bird."

Farmer said he is being careful to not be too controversial after some of last year's jokes about the Philadelphia Eagles had him playing defense.

"I've had my wrist slapped a couple of times," Farmer said.

Still, it does not stop the pride, and most of his signs can be seen from cars. There's one that makes reference to Pat the Patriot after the mascot was knocked down earlier this month, and another featuring Tom Brady's "We're Still Here" chant from Sunday's sendoff rally.

"Small references like that, we get in Foxboro," Farmer said. "They are our home team. Everybody else can claim them, but the Patriots are Foxboro's team."

Farmer plans to make 30 signs total, enough to fill the Common before the town's "Everything We Got" pep rally on Saturday at 11 a.m.

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