Manchester Residents Fuming Over Stolen Gas

Those who live in Manchester are thrilled it is costing less to fill up at the pump, but when they started having to fill up a lot more than usual, they suspected someone was stealing it.

“I kept thinking why do I need to put gas in my car,” Karen Saucier said. “It’s not like it’s a gallon or two I mean it’s going from a full tank to a half a tank.”

Karen Saucier, who lives on Ralph Rd. in Manchester, says she does not drive more than a few miles a day, so when her gas started disappearing, she thought something was wrong with her car.

“I thought it was just a fluke or my sensor was off,” Saucier said. “But then I got a lock in gas cap and it stopped happening.”

She is not the only one who is fuming. Those who live on Keeney St. in Manchester suspect they have been hit too.

Manchester police say they are aware of the situation and their officers are keeping a close eye on the neighborhood for any suspicious activity.

“I’ll be watching out for my neighborhood,” Mary Orobello said. “It’s just awful especially during the holiday season when everybody is traveling.”

While police are on the lookout, they are encouraging anyone who thinks they are a victim to come forward and file a report so they can investigate if this is a trend and track down who is doing it.

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