March: Coldest Month of the Winter?

On Saturday I spent the day at the NBC Boston Treat Truck.

A group of us were handing out cookies and hot drinks at the Shamrock Half Marathon. On the ride up from Norwood, the temperature dropped and the rain mixed with snow. I know we can have snow well into April in New England, but after that 70-something degree day we had in February, it’s a tough pill to swallow. The high temperature of 47° happened when most of us were asleep. Temperatures dropped into the 30s during the morning and that’s where we’ve stayed all afternoon.

It’s been cold this March, right? If you answered yes, you’re correct. If you look at December, January, February and March – March has been the coldest month! The average temperature so far is 32.5°, in February the average was 36.6°; January it was 35.1° and 35.2° in December.

There is some good news if you don’t like the cold and snow – it doesn’t look like we will see any more record cold this season. We might don’t be done with the 30s, but they aren’t in the forecast over the next 10 days. Our exclusive 10-day forecast takes us through opening day! If you have plans to go to the first home game of the season, we’re currently forecasting sunny skies and temperatures in the 50s!

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