Mass. Residents Voice Desire for Stronger Gun Control

Massachusetts residents and political activists are once again voicing their desires for stronger gun control laws

The groundswell of support for tightening our Nations gun laws have reached a fever pitch throughout parts of the country.

Newspaper covers have called on the President to do something about gun control. Parents and children have made desperate pleas to Congress following Wednesday’s mass shooting. Parents like Gloucester resident Greg Gibson can relate to that rage. “My son was killed in a school shooting in 1992. At that time they weren’t common,” Gibson said.

Gibson says mass shootings have become so prevalent that the focus should no longer center around emotion but action. “It doesn’t matter how I feel. It doesn’t matter how it felt then. What matters is -- how does somebody like this kid get a gun?”

What many feel has been a lack of action by lawmakers have led some to wonder what it will take to spark tighter gun control. “I thought it might take 500 people. 500 people were shot in Las Vegas. Is it going to take thousands at one time? Maybe it will,” said John Rosenthal, the founder of Stop Handgun violence.

Advocates who want tighter gun reform tell NBC10 they’ll central focus remains placing pressure on lawmakers to create new legislation on how and who can purchase guns.

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