Jimmy Fallon, Mark Wahlberg Compete in a High-Stakes Game of Slapjack

Mark Wahlberg may be an Oscar-nominated actor, but his kids are embarrassed by the international movie star.

The actor stopped by "The Tonight Show" Wednesday to promote his new movie "The Gambler" and chatted with Jimmy Fallon about losing a lot of money playing real blackjack in Macau, China, and how he unintentionally embarrasses his kids.

“When I take my kids to school I want to give them a hug and a kiss in the playground before they go in, and my 4-year-old bolts," Wahlberg said. "I’m like, ‘I love you,’ and everybody else turns around and looks at me weird.”

His eldest daughter is following in her famous father’s footsteps, performing in several school plays. She even made an “unnoticed” appearance in Walberg’s movie “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

"I told her no movies until she graduates," Walhberg said. "I’m trying to discourage them from going into this business, but they are going to do what they want to do."

But Wahlberg is not just an actor. The former Calvin Klein underwear model has also produced hit TV shows like HBO’s "Entourage" and "Boardwalk Empire," as well as a number of films including "The Gambler," a remake of the James Caan movie which opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

“Do you know much about gambling?” asked Fallon.

“No. But I learned to gamble in preparing for the movie,” said Wahlberg.

During a trip to Macau, China, the “mecca of gambling,” Walhberg convinced his friends and some wealthy Hong Kong businessmen to give him all of their cash so that he can play blackjack.

“I had blackjack three times and needless to say, I won a lot of money,” Walhberg said. “And like my character in the movie, I took every chip off the table, walked over to the roulette wheel, put it all on black and lost everything.”

Fallon then challenged the “Ted” actor to a high-stakes game of slapjack, which is like blackjack, but the winner of each hand gets to slap the loser across the face with a giant prosthetic hand.

“Mark, as our guest, you deal first," said Fallon.

After both players received their two cards, Wahlberg decided to "stay" and Fallon asked for another card before revealing his hand.

"I think you need to go back to math class," joked Walhberg before smacking the "Tonight Show" host in the face.

On the second round, Wahlberg went bust and Fallon overdrew on the third hand, giving each player a chance to nail the other one with their prosthetic hand.

In the fourth hand, neither one went over 21, but Wahlberg won the overall game and a chance to hit Fallon one more time in the face.

"How about both at the same time?" said Walhberg. "It’s only fair."

"Double slap?" asked Fallon. "Ok, but then you can back hand me as well."

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