NH Woman Reunited With Late Father’s Old Pickup Truck

Kaleigh Seckendorf learned to drive in her father's pickup truck. She thought she'd never see it again.

When Kaleigh Seckendorf of New Hampshire parted with her late father's beat-up pickup truck in December, she never thought she'd see it again. Then, a phone call from a friend and the kindness of a stranger helped reunite her with the family memento.

"I've always loved the truck," she said, recalling childhood memories. "I learned to drive in it."

The truck belonged to Seckendorf's father, former Salem Fire Captain Warren "Smokey" Seckendorf, who died unexpectedly two years ago at 56.

He left her the truck, but she had no place to park it at her old apartment complex, so she gave it away in December.

The truck ended up in a junkyard, and eventually at Drowne's Auto Repair in Raymond.

A few weeks ago, Seckendorf's friend spotted the truck at the shop and called her. She rushed over and made an offer.

Drowne, who spent thousands of dollars refurbishing the truck, could have sold it to someone else for more money, but this wasn't about cash.

"Sometimes, it's good to just give back," he said.

Seckendorf said she believes her late father played a role in reuniting her with the truck.

"I think he did it," she said. "I think he did this."

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