Police Bust Suspected PCP Cigarette Lab in Hartford

pcp wet lab in Hartford 1200 Larry Williams

Hartford police raided a suspected PCP lab on Tuesday night and said they found large amounts of a form of PCP called "wet," police said. 

Police raided the Westland Street home at 7:47 p.m. on Tuesday after an investigation that went on for several weeks and found large amounts of PCP and items used to manufacture PCP, police said.

The suspect, Larry Williams, 34, who is also known as"budda," tried to get away from police, but they took him into custody.

Williams has been charged with possession of hallucinogenics, drug factory, interfering with a search warrant and an outstanding warrant for possession of Hallucinogenics and sale of hallucinogenic,

"Wet" is used to refer to a marijuana cigarette coated with liquid PCP. PCP or phencyclidine, also known as angel dust, is a sedative and anesthetic with "trance-like" effects, according to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids organization. 

Police said they also found 10 ounces of dried tea or mint leaves, $3,000 in cash, grills, dryers and packaging equipment.

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