Grenade Found Outside LA Fitness on Berlin Turnpike Was Not Live: PD

The LA Fitness on the Berlin Turnpike was evacuated and the nearby Sam’s Club gas station was closed after a gym employee found what looked like a live grenade in a trash can outside the gym, but the area has reopened after authorizes determined it was a hollowed-out training grenade.

The incident happened at 3563 Berlin Turnpike and the bomb squad was called.

Sgt. Chris Perry, of the Newington Police Department, said LA Fitness staff called them at 7:53 a.m. after an employee who was taking garbage out saw what appeared to be a live grenade with the pin still attached.

Officers and firefighters responded to the scene and police determined that it did look a live a live grenade, but law enforcement authorities determined the device did not pose a threat.

Before making that determination, police evacuated the LA Fitness.

"We were going to take a class at 8:30 a.m. Obviously, that's not going to happen. I'm going to wait just so I can get my stuff out. Hopefully, it's not real," Cindy McComb-Gavello said while the gym was evacuated. 

It was a training grenade with no explosives in it.

Police will try to determine who threw out the device and when they did it. 

The gym is reopening, according to police. 

Check back for updates.

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