Police Search for Rightful Owner of Gifts Found on New Hampshire Road

Atkinson resident found Christmas gifts on Indian Ridge Road

New Hampshire police are on an unusual search, trying to find the rightful owner of a bag of Christmas gifts, found scattered all over the road in Atkinson.

“There was definitely things in there that I put on my Santa list,” said Gretchen Grosky, who found the bag.

But “Finder’s Keepers” is not a rule Grosky believes in. On Wednesday, she handed over a bag of expensive items to police.

“I would say anywhere from $500 to $1000 worth of gifts,” said Atkinson Police Sgt. Nathan Lyons.

The items are fifts that Grosky found that she knows someone must be missing.

“And I just said, ‘oh, this is an awful lot of money, and an awful lot to replace,’” she recalled.

Grosky told necn she was on her way home from shopping last week when she took a left onto Indian Ridge Road in Atkinson. She saw a shopping bag and gifts scattered all over the road.

“I pulled over and just started grabbing them,” she said.

As soon as she got home she posted on Facebook, writing in part, “I’m sure someone is very upset right now and I’d like to get it back to them ASAP.”

Atkinson Police said they’ve found part of a receipt from Salem, New Hampshire, that’s helping them track down the rightful owner.

“We contacted the store and we are waiting to hear back from them,” Lyons said.

Meanwhile, police are tipping their hats to the honest mom of three, on mission to get these gifts under the right tree in time for Christmas morning.

“It is the Christmas season and obviously she did the right thing,” Lyons said.

“I’m just hoping the person who receives it is very happy,” Grosky said.

If you know someone who might be missing some pretty awesome gifts, they’ll have to call Atkinson Police and specifically identify every single one of them.

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