Rain Moves Out and Brighter, Warmer Weather Returns

The same front that crossed with severe thunderstorms Tuesday, moved off to the south and then came back to the north with some rain early this morning. It is the boundary between warmer air that was here Tuesday, and the cooler air of yesterday.

Temperatures start chilly this morning, 50s south and 40s north. Any rain along the south coast moves out to sea with increasing sunshine, allowing the temperature to warm into the 70s away from the coast by this afternoon.

Wind is light and variable with local sea breezes keeping the beach cooler. A weak front in northern New England may generate a few sprinkles and leads to cooler air once again tomorrow.

High pressure from Canada pushes in with that cooler but dry air, high temperature generally in the 60s south, and 50s north.

Tomorrow night cools off dramatically especially northern New England with low temperatures in the 20s and 30s in the far north, 40s south.

We're setting up for a cold and wet Saturday. The same old weather front will lift back from south to north through New England by then with periods of rain, perhaps some downpours and temperatures only in the 40s to lower 50s.

Drier weather may work in for Sunday afternoon, if we can get the sun to come out, the temperature will recover back to the 70s.

Yet another front comes in from the west on Monday with sunshine and a few showers possible temperatures once again in the 70s.

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