Revere Taking Steps to Combat City’s Large Rat Problem

Revere's mayor has set aside $150,000 to combat the city's rat problem

Residents in Revere, Massachusetts are fed up with what they call a huge rat problem. Now, the city is trying to do something about it.

“Oh it’s really bad. It’s like don’t leave your doors open because they're going to get in there,” Revere resident Christina Svendblad said about the rodents.

Mayor Brian Arrigo has set aside $150,000 to try to combat the problem that many blame on construction.  City officials have thrown around a number of ideas to try to get rid of the pests, including baiting, dry ice and even bringing in owls.

“I know it’s a little bizarre but it’s become popular over the years," City Councilor Steve Morabito said of the owl idea. "But the issue with that is how do you keep the owls in a location.”

“It’s cute and it would be environmentally friendly and all that good stuff but it’s not realistic,” City Councilor Anthony Zambuto added. 

Many blame unsecured garbage as the problem because it acts as the rats food source. The city has already ordered new securely covered trash barrels to keep the rodents out of the garbage.

Residents don’t care how it gets done but they want them gone.

“To my constituents out there, you’re going to see improvements," Zambuto said. "None of us want to see rats.”

No decision has been made on how else Revere will fight the problem, but the new trash barrels should be given out in the coming weeks.

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