Woman Who Drove at Cop Said She Was Upset With Police, Donald Trump: Police

When cops pulled over a woman accused of driving at a police officer in Connecticut on Thursday, she said the reason was because she was upset with police officers and President Donald Trump. 

Eileen Marie Pierce, 58, of Harwinton, was driving north on Route 69 in Burlington when she intentionally veered into the northbound lane directly toward an officer patrolling a work site, state police said. 

The trooper was able to get out of Pierce's way, "barely avoiding being struck." When Pierce drove pass the officer, she was shaking her fists out her car window and yelling, according to police reports. 

Pierce veered back into the southbound lane, almost colliding with tree service trucks that were at the active work site. Police described Pierce's driving on Route 69 south toward Bristol as "irate."

When the car was stopped, police asked if Pierce had intentionally attempted to strike the trooper with her car. 

Pierce, during an "emotional ramble", said she was upset with police, that she had been victimized over her lifetime and that "police are being murdered because the police tend to abuse our rights," police paraphrased in the report. 

The Bristol resident also said she was angry over a lot of issues, including the fact that Donald Trump was president, according to the report. 

Pierce was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving and failure to drive in a proper lane.  She was also charged with attempt to commit assault in the first degree and attempt to commit assault on a police officer.

When she appeared in court, Pierce said she is a good driver.

A judge ordered her to go to a mental health clinic and not to operate a vehicle.

Bond was set at $150,000, a public defender was appointed and Pierce is do back in court on March 8.

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