Report: 2nd Harvard Team Made Sexually Explicit Documents

The men's cross-county team captain came forward with documents, saying team culture has since shifted, according to the Harvard Crimson

Team correspondence obtained by The Harvard Crimson apparently shows the Harvard's men’s cross-country team has in the past created documents that contained sexually explicit comments describing female athletes. 

The documents mentioned in the article, published over the weekend, were part of yearly spreadsheets prepared ahead of an annual dance with the women's team. 

This year's team captain came forward with the documents — Brandon E. Price was "particularly ashamed of" the 2014 year — but he told the Crimson that team culture has shifted and they no longer include those inappropriate comments. 

The story comes just days after years of lewd "scouting reports" written by the men’s soccer team about their female counterparts were discovered, cutting their season short. 

Harvard's president has said the soccer team's failure to be forthcoming contributed to the season-ending decision — the 2012 team was first implicated in a Crimson news article, before a university investigation found the comments continued through the current season.

The team has apologized and said it needs to reckon with "the issues of sexism and misogyny within our own locker room."

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