Youth Sports: Things Parents Need to Remember Before Getting Heated

The only thing that matters is effort and attitude

As school starts up again, so do Fall sports and after-school activities.

Keynote speaker and life coach Hector Peñate reminds parents to check themselves when it comes to their child's athletic endeavors. 

Unrealistic Expectations/Pressure
Sometimes parents put too much emphasis on results, which are largely out of their control. Remember to process everything. Do not compare your kids to other kids. Each of us has our own path to follow. 

Athlete Burnout
70% of kids quit team sports by the age of 13. Half of that is due to talent and the other half is because of parents. You are for better or worse your kid's hero right now. When they do badly or do well, they look for one person - mom or dad. 

Your child should know that they compete against no one and that the only thing that matters is effort and attitude. 

Complaining to Coach During Game
The hardest job in the world is to be a youth sports coach. They get paid next to nothing. If you find yourself criticizing a coach, go so far back that they can't hear you or take on coaching a team yourself and see how well you do. 

Before you complain, have you volunteered?

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