Sherborn, Foxboro Fire Chiefs Make Playoff Bet for a Good Reason

A lot of people in New England are rooting for the Patriots on Saturday, but there's one Massachusetts fire chief who is not rooting for the home team.

He put his loyalty on the line in a friendly wager for safety.

Sherborn Fire Chief Erron Kinney says he has good reason to root against the Pats. He played for Tennessee for eight years as a tight end.

"I’ve explained to everybody I will cheer for the patriots when they are not playing the Titans but blood is thicker than water so I'm a Titan."

Kinney's loyalty to the Titans has fueled a friendly bet with the Foxboro fire chief.

"I think its going to be a little bit of a landslide on the Patriots side and I know they are going to have great opportunities to see the Patriots smoke detector in their station," said Foxboro Fire Chief Roger Hatfield.

The two fire chiefs may not agree on which team to root for, but they do agree that they want people to pay more attention to their fire detectors.

So if the Patriots win, Kinney has to put up Patriots logo fire detectors in his department, and vice versa if the Titans win.

"Smoke detectors are the first fire defense in your home and in an emergency to give you that early warning and fire detection so that you can get out and notify the fire department."

The fire detectors are made possible by the Buff Project, which got the NFL to agree to put the logos on the fire alarms.

"We move awy from a fear-based product where you have to have one or something bad is going to happen, to, I want a Patriots fire alarm."

The goal is to get the fire alarm to grab some attention, hopefully sparking them to remember to change the batteries or check if it's working from time to time.

So no matter who wins the big game Saturday, Kinney and Hatfield want everyone to get a win when it comes to safety.

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