‘SNL': Emma Stone Hosts Her 4th as K-Pop Stars BTS Perform

"Saturday Night Live" checked in this week with takes on the college admission scandal, Disney Plus, Julian Assange and more

“Saturday Night Live” broke away from Trump tweets and White House chaos in this week’s cold open, rounding up some of the recent celebrities to wind up in jail on a fictional prison show called “Lockup.”

Lori Loughlin, played by Kate McKinnon, boastfully chats to other prisoners about her role in last month’s college admissions scandal.

A bald Pete Davidson shows up as lawyer Michael Avenatti, vying to outdo Loughlin with crimes of his own. Shortly after, Michael Keaton makes a surprise appearance as Julian Assange, who proceeds to brag about his controversial hacking skills.

Actress Emma Stone hosted the show for the fourth time. Stone explained in her monologue how “SNL” has been intertwined with her family’s history.

She also used her time to ask the cast if they planned anything special for her fourth time hosting. McKinnon and Kenan Thompson hastily put together a song for Stone, while Aidy Bryant gave her a thoughtful present straight off of her wrist.

Michael Che and Colin Jost rounded up some of the week’s more outrageous stories on “Weekend Update.” The duo clocked in another week of escalating one-liners and wry smiles, covering absurdities such as Canadian car thieves to questions about “Grease.”

Jost said he hoped the planned “Grease” prequel would finally answer “why everyone in that high school was in their late 30’s.”

Korean sensation BTS performed as the musical guest, becoming the first K-Pop artists to perform on “SNL.” BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a supergroup of 7 Korean artists.

The group has achieved so much success that they are estimated to be responsible for billions of dollars in South Korea’s economy. Watch them perform their hit song “Boy With Luv” here:

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