Stormy Daniels Draws Crowd at Strip Club in Salisbury, Massachusetts

Outside, roughly a dozen people held signs in support of Daniels

What to Know

  • Salisbury Police Chief Thomas Fowler said he started working on a security plan for her visit several weeks ago
  • About a dozen protesters turned out in support of the porn start who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump prior to the election
  • Daniels appears for a second night this evening at Kittens Gentlemen’s Club in Salisbury, Mass.

Some were curious, others were just big fans, but an eclectic mix came out Friday night for a chance to see Stormy Daniels in person.

"I have a political group going that has never been to a strip joint," John Archer said.

Archer bought several tickets for Daniels first of four shows at Kittens Gentlemen's Club in Salisbury.

"I think she has been a very honest voice in this craziness we've been living," Archer said.

Daniels was in the headlines again this week as the company set up by Donald Trump's former personal attorney offered Friday to rescind her hush-money agreement and dropped plans for its threatened $20 million lawsuit against the porn actress for allegedly violating the deal.

An attorney for Essential Consultants said the company wants Daniels to repay the $130,000 she was paid as part of the nondisclosure agreement, which was signed days before the 2016 presidential election, according to a letter included in a Friday night court filing.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006, which Trump denies, and was suing to invalidate the nondisclosure agreement.

The development could kill a plan by Daniels' attorney, Michael Avenatti, to try to compel the president to provide testimony under oath, if the agreement is rescinded and a judge agrees to dismiss the case.

But last night in Salisbury, Daniels, surrounded by security, didn't say anything as she entered Kittens.

Outside, roughly a dozen people held signs in support of Daniels.

"Stormy Daniels is a brave woman and we support her," one woman said.

Salisbury Police Chief Thomas Fowler said he started working on a security plan for this night several weeks ago, checking in with other police chiefs in towns where Daniels has performed.

"We started about two weeks ago talking about this event, and we passed ideas back and forth and really I don't think we are infringing on any of his business rights, we just want to make sure its a safe environment for everyone," Fowler said.

Kevin Moury, the club's owner, said booking Daniels took months.

"People are more concerned to see if if is the real Stormy Daniels or it is an imitator, stuff like that. It’s the real Stormy Daniels," he said.

Those inside Daniels' first show say she danced to four songs, including “American Woman,”  during a roughly 30 minute set.

"It was a wonderful show," one woman said.

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