Talk Stoop's Top 10 Stoop Sitters of 2017

This year has been a whirlwind! We have traveled from coast-to-coast and sat down with the top actors, musicians and athletes. With our mobile stoop in tow, we tap danced with Tony Danza, dabbed with Katie Holmes and had a cringe-worthy moment with Nicole Richie.

Here are our host Cat Greenleaf’s top ten interviews of the year.

10. Sean Hayes

Sean is always one of my all-time favorite guests. We made up a really cute song together – think we have a future in music?

9. Olivia Wilde

I loved having Olivia show off her Bond movies. And I have to say, she looked pretty darn good doing it on my stoop

8. Michael Strahan

Michael is one of the happiest and most positive guests I’ve ever interviewed. And be sure to call our hot line for inspirational quotes!

7. Tony Danza

Is there nothing this guy can't do! Watch him show me his tap dancing moves – I was in awe and he did it in his sneakers, no less.

6. Katie Holmes

Having a dance party with Katie Holmes was one of the highlights of my year. Watch her do a "dab" like you’ve never seen before.

5. Sting

Sitting on top of 30 Rock with this guy is a memory I'll never forget. Even though it was windy and freezing, we had the best time together!

4. Bethenny Frankel

Check out what happens when two talk show hosts collide. Bethenny was such a riot and I literally could have kept talking to her for hours.

3. Barry Manilow

We've never had a more iconic Brooklynite than Mr. Manilow. I reminded him about his hometown roots and suggested we take a little drive down memory lane.

2. David Alan Grier

Hilarious moment when David yelled at me to not rub his head! I was just trying to get closer to him.

1. Nicole Richie

I felt so bad smacking Nicole in the face. She was such a trooper and a real class-act.

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