Two Conn. Cubs Found After Mother Bear Was Shot: DEEP

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The two Newtown bear cubs have been found, according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), after the mother bear was shot on Thursday, leaving them orphaned.

The cubs were found in a wooded area in Newtown by town officials and the police department and appear to be in good health, DEEP said.

Bobbi, the cubs' mother, was shot on Thursday. Ridgefield's police chief said one of his department's off-duty officers was involved in the shooting.

The shooting left the Fairfield County community outraged, including Lauren Black, of Newtown, who said she and her family watched the bears all day and called the situation "heartbreaking."

Black and others online pushed the state to rescue the bears.

Although the bears appear in good condition, DEEP has concerns for their safety due to the risk of continued public interaction.

DEEP said they will be attempting to capture and rehabilitate the cubs. The bears spent most of Monday up a tree, which is normal behavior for bear cubs, according to Jenny Dickson, director of the Wildlife Division of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

DEEP will continue to monitor the bears to determine the best way to capture them, including tranquilizing them or trapping them.

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