New England

Weekend Warm-Up With a Chance For Showers

After a frosty start to Friday, we actually trade in the frost for a warm-up for the weekend. With that trade off, we will likely get a foggy start to our Saturday as more humid air approaching the South Coast of New England will result in an expanding area of fog in far Southern New England. This will further fortify the stubborn deck of clouds for all of us with a few sprinkles and light showers falling from time to time as temperatures very slowly nudge toward 70 by mid-afternoon.

More clouds and some pockets of fog and drizzle Saturday night may be accompanied by a few showers pre-dawn Sunday as a final push of more substantial warmth arrives, delivering a strengthening southwest wind with gusts to 40 mph Sunday, breaking out some sun and boosting high temperatures to 80 degrees for some of us. The weekend will not be a washout, but hit or miss showers are possible both weekend days along with stubborn cloud cover.

As far as the temperature trend, the warmth will be short-lived this time around, with a cold front crossing Sunday evening and night, delivering a slug of fall air with more staying power next week – from Monday all the way through the week – but with little moisture, mostly dry conditions should prevail for the vast majority of us next week.

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