Welcome Back to Winter

Phil and Ms. G (our own state groundhog here in Massachusetts) agreed on the forecast for the next 6 weeks (something that we meteorologists rarely do).

Winter will continue.

Continue? Has it even started? We've seen above normal temperatures in Boston for both December (slightly) and January (over 6 degrees). I guess it's better late than never, right?

Well, both marmots are right in the short term. Cold air is here for the first part of the weekend as northwest winds drive in the chill. By Sunday, southwest winds will push out some of the cold as highs rise near 40 in the afternoon.

With a smidge more chilly air coming in on Monday, the stage is set for a wintry start to Tuesday. A juicy storm is marching in, and although we should eventually change to rain, the initial cold reserves should be enough for a couple of inches of snow. Truth be told, this is an ugly setup for all of New England. High pressure will play bad guy and provide a wedge of cold air near the surface. It spells a turn to ice in the interior, where things will get mighty slick by Wednesday morning.

We'll keep you apprised of the latest developments in the coming days.


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