Woman Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant and Gave Birth to a Baby Speaks Out on Criticism

A Massachusetts woman who recently gave birth to a 10-pound healthy baby girl an hour after discovering she was pregnant spoke out on "The Meredith Vieira Show" about the criticism she's faced.

Twenty-three-year-old Katie Kropas of Weymouth told Meredith Vieira that some of the criticism she's received since giving birth to baby Ellie has been cruel.

"I'd like to say they don't bother me at all, but some of them are a little bit worse than others. I think being called a liar, saying I don't have a motherly instinct, is scary to hear, you know, being a new mom," she said.

Her mother, Karen, told Vieira she's been offended by what's been said online about her daughter and granddaughter, but added, "I would say for every one or two negative comments, there were probably eight to 10 positives, celebrate the miracle that it is."

Kropas told necn she didn't experience morning sickness or other clues to her pregnancy with the exception of swollen feet, which she attributed to working more than 50 hours a week during the holiday season as a caterer. 

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