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2 Children Rescued After Falling Through Ice

Crews in Derry, New Hampshire, rescued two boys they say were playing ice hockey on Hoods Pond.



    Two boys were rescued after falling through thin ice on a pond in Derry, New Hampshire.

    Town fire officials announced Thursday that the 12-year-old boys, who went out onto Hoods Pond to play ice hockey, were found about 130 feet from the shore.

    One of the boys was submerged with just his hands above the water when a firefighter, Jim Hoffman, reached him. The other was clinging to the ice.

    A line crew pulled Hoffman and the boys back to shore.

    The victims were treated for severe hypothermia.

    According to Derry Fire, the boys were rescued just six minutes after a man called 911 after hearing them yell while he was playing basketball at Hood Park.

    Officials remind the public that while the weather is cold, ice is still thin. People are advised not to go out on the ice until January.