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2 Women Arrested in Raid at Massage Parlor



    2 Women Arrested in Raid at Massage Parlor
    Monroe Police
    Lian Hua Song, 36 (left), was charged with prostitution and Unlicensed practice of massage therapy Jin Meilua, 50, was charged with unlicensed practice of massage therapy after a raid of a massage parlor in Monroe on Wednesday.

    Police say two New York City women were arrested after a raid at a southwestern Connecticut massage parlor.

    Thirty-six-year-old Lian Hua Song and 50-year-old Jin Meilua, both of Queens, were charged with practicing massage therapy without a license. Song was also charged with prostitution.

    Police seized video and business records in Wednesday's raid on Healthy Massage in Monroe, which they say was a front for prostitution.

    Capt. Michael Flick says the investigation was prompted by numerous Internet posts describing illegal sexual activities happening at the business.

    Both women posted $500 bail and are slated to be arraigned July 23 at Superior Court in Bridgeport.

    It's not clear what the women's responses to the allegations are. Phone listings for them couldn't be found, and it's not clear if they have lawyers.