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Protest in Egypt Turns Deadly



    Protest in Egypt turns deadly

    Clashes following Morsi’s controversial decrees could lead to prolonged chaos (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Jim Maceda – Cairo) – There has been no letup in rising tensions in Egypt after a controversial decree was announced on Thursday by President Mohammed Morsi.

    The country's benchmark stock index plunged nearly 10 percent as concerns rise over Egypt's stability.

    Sunday marked day four of the crisis. There are now dozens of tents filling up Tahrir Square, and there are ongoing street battles between protesters and police as the number of injured rises.

    There are mass protests and counter-protests scheduled for Tuesday, which could mean a ratcheting up of clashes and that could lead to a prolonged period of chaos.

    Or Morsi could call in the army at that point and crack down -- and then you get into the realm of a second revolution.

    Many in the anti-Morsi camp are hoping that Morsi sees the light, backs down and rescinds these decrees that are so controversial, and that he forms some kind of national emergency council that will sit down and thrash out these problems that his country is facing – like the constitution that needs to be written, like parliamentary elections that need to be free and fair.

    Morsi must do so with the same urgency that he showed so clearly to the world when he thrashed out that ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas.