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Sides Point Fingers as Sequester Nears



    Gov. Patrick believes a vote could quell threat of automatic spending cuts (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: John Monahan) - Congress has until Friday to agree on huge spending cuts. Otherwise, automatic cuts will kick in. The sequester will cut both domestic and military budgets.

    As the countdown clock ticks down, Republicans Democrats are accusing each other of playing politics.

    Gov. Deval Patrick appeared on Meet the Press. He said President Obama has a plan and that Republicans won't budge.

    "The Congressional Republicans move the goalpost as soon as the President comes their way," said Patrick. "He has a plan on the table that has an awful lot of things they say they support. Put it to a vote, because with Democrats and moderate Republicans, it will pass."

    State funding in New England would be severely cut under the sequester. About 1,000 Defense Department workers in Vermont could be furloughed and the state could lose $2.5 million in education funding. New Hampshire could lose $138,000 in job funds and Rhode Island could lose $188,000 in senior food aid.

    NECN reporter John Monahan has more on the subject.