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Entertainment: Iran to Sue Over Argo



    A look at Wednesday's top entertainment stories, including Iran's plans to sue Hollywood, Lady Gaga's gilded wheelchair, and Billy Joel letting a student be 'Piano Man' (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN) – In Wednesday’s entertainment news, “Argo" is a no-go for Iran.

    The country is planning to sue Hollywood over the Oscar-winning film because of the movie's alleged "unrealistic portrayal" of the country.

    The film recounts an incident involving US ambassadors escaping capture in Iran.

    Iranian officials have dismissed "Argo" as pro-CIA, anti-Iran and propaganda. They call the film  a "sheer lie."

    In other news... she may not have been born this way, but she's rolling in style.

    Lady Gaga is getting around in a gold-plated designer wheelchair after undergoing hip surgery last month.

    The chair was designed by Ken Borochov, who tells the New York Post he had never done a wheelchair before, but enjoyed the challenge.

    It features a removable canopy and even reclines, should the mother monster need a nap.

    And can you find love after heartbreak? It's Tiger Woods' ex-wife's turn to move on and move on she did with coal billionaire Chris Cline.

    Elin Nordegren and Cline reportedly hit it off last year. They also have mansions near each other in Florida.

    But don't worry about Tiger. He hasn't been too lonely. Reportedly, he's been getting cozy with Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn.

    Sing us a song; you're the piano man. Billy Joel made a Vanderbilt student's day when he agreed to do just that.

    That all happened during a forum when freshman Michael Pollack asked Joel if he could accompany the singer on the piano for a performance of "New York State of Mind".

    Joel agreed and, after the performance, praised Pollack for his talent.