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Mass. Gov.: No Bombings Suspect in Custody



    Mass. Governor Deval Patrick says the FBI is still 'making progress' (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) - Mass. Governor Deval Patrick says he was not told at any point Wednesday by authorities that an arrest of a Boston Marathon bombings suspect was imminent, and that he only saw news reports of it.

    "That will happen when the FBI has identified someone, and when they feel they are ready - they're making progress, there's not doubt about it, but there was no arrest and there is no one in custody," he said.

    Governor Patrick would not comment on if a suspect was identified.

    Governor Patrick said yes when asked if there was information he was given that he could not release to the press.

    "The FBI is running this investigation. I want to respect that, and I can say as someone who a long time ago had a proprietorial role, it is really important to the investigation that information not be released before its time, so I want to respect that as well," Patrick said.

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